MEY11 | School playgrounds

Playground transformations at Meyrin-Village and Monthoux schools, Meyrin
September 2012 - Under construction

COL12 | Three story loft

Underground extension, Geneva
August 2012 - Project in progress

ETO11| B. Residence

Conversion of a private residence, Etoy
August 2012 - End of construction

COR11 | Hortense

House extension in a barn, Corbeyrier
July 2012 - Projet in progress

MEY11 | School playgrounds

Playground transformation at Champs-Fréchet school, Meyrin
May 2012 - Project presentation

TRA11 | Village House

Inner conversion, Tramelan
January 2012 - Project in progress

RIA10 | Chez Chérix

Inner conversion, Corcelles-le-Jorat
June 2011 - End of construction

ECA12| ECA Bicentenary