School | Rueyres-l.-Près | FR | Concours

Competition - project Zig-Zag-Zoug – 5th place

client : Association BMRS
mandat : open competition
location : Rueyres-l.-Près
year : 2010

AboutThe morphology of the Rueyres-les-près village is characterized by the structuring layout of its roads. The main road is closely bordered by housing, overlapping the traffic and pedestrian zones. The crossroad openings become singular areas, which naturally become the meeting places, typical of these villages. In succession of these precepts, the new school is implanted transversely on the roadside plot, with the multipurpose hall outlining a new public square linked to the main road. An uprising of the landscape hides the airport area, allowing the outside space to open itself to the south and the mountains. On the northern half of the square, the area serves the public hall for various activities. As to the south, the implementation of a playground benefits the nearby school. The building is developed following two distinct geometries, the typography as well as the organization of the program. Its fragmented shape allows multiple facades, which dialogue with the surrounding village morphology. The building’s transversal implantation protects the outside spaces from the winds which often sweep the region. The building’s outside covering is made of small-scale fibrous plates, which overlaying patterns and shades give a lively and timeless nature to the building’s envelope. The facade and roofing are treated in the same continuous material, expressing a monolithic volume.